Air hoists

The Alp Lift air hoists are most effective for lifting smaller loads of up to 125 kg.The materials Our air hoists transport and keep the materials infinitely at the desired height up to 6 meter in a quiet manner. This makes the installation of, for example, air conditioning systems or plasterboards a lot more comfortable and efficient. But this type of material lift can be of great help for many other jobs thanks to its ease of use. The air hoist is ready for use in no time without tools. And due to its small dimensions, it is easy to transport. In short: an ideal piece of equipment to keep your hands free for your work.

A silent compressor that reduces noise to a minimum is additionally available. And for the LL-460 and LL-560, a transport trolley is also an additional option.

Our air hoists are available in 4 types that vary in lifting height from 3,20 up to 5,60 meter.