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Alp Lift material lifts

Material lifts are used for raising materials or a heavy load. Our extensive variety of exceptional products allows us to meet the requirements for a wide range of lifting weights and heights. Are you looking for a material lift(electric and manual), air hoistor event lift? Alp Lift has a solution for every job, for every weight and height. Our lifts ensure that you can carry out your work in a safe and efficient manner.

All material lifts are available in different models that vary in lifting height and capacity. The material lifts (or assembly lifts) are suitable for loads from 150 to 650 kg. The event lifts – specially developed for the event industry – can lift 300 kg and our air hoists are suitable for lifting smaller loads up to 125 kg. We have a solution for every job at any height.

Aluminium Light Products

The abbrevation ‘Aluminium Light Product’ for our ALP lifts is not without reason. The frames of our material lifts are light and strong based on techniques from the flight industry. We have been developing and producing the original ALP material lifts, event lifts and air hoists in-house for over 30 years, always with a focus on safety, innovation and durability. All our material lifts meet the highest standards and lead the way in innovation and development. We continue to improve and adapt our material lifts on the basis of user requirements and (international) safety regulations. An Alp Lift material lift ensures a high-quality, solid and user-friendly lift with a guaranteed maximum warranty at an affordable price.

Delivery from stock

Discover our extensive range and request a quote online. Most of our material lifts are available from stock. Do you need help choosing the right lift for your application? We are happy to advise you. We can come up with tailor made and customized solutions to meet your needs.