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Material lifts – raise your loads with ease

With a material lift, your materials or a heavy load can be brought up to any desired height. Our material lifts are user friendly and provide you with maximum safety and efficiency. A material lift offers a solution for various applications, from steel construction to stand construction and from installation to assembly work. For example, when installing solar panels, lintels or ventilation systems. Due to its low weight and compact dimensions, a material lift is easy to use and easy to transport. With a Alp Lift material lift you get a high-quality, solid and user-friendly lift with a guaranteed maximum warranty at an affordable price.

Curious how our user-friendly material lifting equipment can make your work more comfortable? View our extensive range and request a quote online. Most material lifts are available from stock.

Electric and manual material lifts

Our manual and electric material lifts are available in 4 series to meet the requirements for a wide range of lifting weights and heights.

  • The Small serie has a liftng height from 2,80 up to 4 meter and a lifting capacity of 150 kg.
  • The Medium serie has a liftng height from 3,95 tot 5,12 meter and lifting capacity of 250 kg.
  • The Large series has a lifting height of 3.95 to 7.52 meters and a lifting capacity of 350 kg. This series is available in manual and electric version.
  • The XL series has a lifting height of 4 meters and a lifting capacity of no less than 650 kg. This is the most strongest lift in its kind.

A separate work platform is also available for the Medium and Large series. As a result, you can also use your material lift as a single-person work platform, which gives your lift even more user options. This product is our latest innovation. View the PL200 here.